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Laurrhie Brouns is a Haitian/Dutch singer and songwriter.

Her music can be best described as European K-pop with a soulful touch or, in her own words, “MY spin on K-pop music!”.

This beautiful and fiercely talented artist created her own unique sound/genre (EuroKpop), by not only blending together the futuristic electronic K-pop sounds of the East with her powerful soulful voice and pop / r & b / hip hop / soul influences of the West, but her love for this style and the culture has also led her to incorporate Korean into her English lyrics.

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Laurrhie Featured on UK BLOG AWARDS 2017 NOMINATED Music Blog Liquid Entertainment Online

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WOW! UK BLOG AWARDS (2017) NOMINEE: Liquid Entertainment Online picked ME as *VERGE OF STARDOM ARTIST* !!! Here's a little bit of what this (seriously!) awesome blog had to say about me & my music ;
"Her voice and overall sound is full of SOUL, POWER, EMOTION and CONTROL - many credits that are required of INTERNATIONAL MEGASTAR *DIVAS such as ADELE, BEYONCE and ALICIA KEYS - all of which I would very much like to align LAURRHIE'S TALENTS to... but there's MORE. Not only does Laurrhie's music incorporate elements of soul and R&B both within her vocals and instrumentals, but she has entwined this with K-POP to add a UNIQUE twist, which Laurrhie calls EUROKPOP! It's not something I'm really able to describe to you, which is why YOU NEED TO TREAT YASSELF. It's probably going to be something NEW for you but, you never know, you may really FALL IN LOVE." 

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